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Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY)

The RKVY (National Agriculture Development Programme) aims at achieving 4% annual growth in the agriculture sector during the XI Plan period, by ensuring a holistic development of Agriculture and allied sectors

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Benificiaries Report

* Agenda for SLSC 23-05-2012

* Supplementary agenda for the meeting of SLSC (on 23-05-2012) of RKVY

* 50% subsidy to the farmers on laying out of underground pipe line system.

* 50% subsidy on installation of Sprinkler irrigation system.

* 75% subsidy on fungicide for the seed treattment on Rabi crops.

* 50% subsidy on Toria seed.

* Free of cost Daincha seed to the Farmers to improve soil Health.

* Promotion of Sugarcane cultivation @ Rs.2000 per acre.

* Free minikits of Grren Fodder ( Barseem) to promote green fodder.

* 50% subsidy on the promotion of Resource Conservation Technologie ( Zero till, Seed drill, Rotavator and Straw reaper).

* subsidy on Farm implements to promote and conserve Natural resources.

* 50% subsidy on Farm tools.

* 35% subsidy on Quality pesticides.

* 50% subsidy on Gypsum on mitigating the Sulphur deficiency.

* 50% subsidy on farm implements used in Horticulture.
  • To incentivize the states that increase their investment in Agriculture and allied sectors.
  • To provide flexibility and autonomy to the States in planning and executing programmes for agriculture.
  • To ensure the preparation of Agriculture Plans for the districts and states.
  • To achieve the goal of reducing the yield gaps in important crops.
  • To maximize returns to the farmers.
  • To address the agriculture and allied sectors in an integrated manner.
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